Our Philosophy Inspires Our Practice

At OGA we have a worldview that looks beyond ourselves to the greater good of the women and communities all around us. We are dedicated to the idea that by making women healthier and more empowered in life, we help create healthy, vibrant families and communities. With enough time and reach, we truly feel we can change the world for the better through our work. For a better look into how our OGA providers are improving our patient’s experiences and health one visit at a time, click here.

Scott B. Armstrong, M.D.

Lee W. Parsons, M.D.

Harmony R. Schroeder, M.D.

Darren S. Pittard, M.D.

Tracey A. Kopperud, D.O.

Becky Uranga, M.D.

Rachel K. Oliver, M.D.

Bronwyn C. Richards, M.D.

Jill Dawson, N.P.

Kelly Thomas, N.P.

Jennifer Newman, N.P.

Annie Fife, N.P.


Allyson Bates, N.P


Other Team Members


Scott Tiffany

Executive Director
Office: (208) 955-0340
Email: stiffany@ogaidaho.com

Kari Dawn Barkley

Patient Financial Councelor
Office: (208) 955-0990
Email: kbarkley@ogaidaho.com

Tanya L. Johanek, CPC

Billing Manager
Office: (208) 955-0989
Email: tjohanek@ogaidaho.com

Melissa Barber

Surgery Scheduler
Office: (208) 955-0987
Email: mbarber@ogaidaho.com

Michelle Reyes

Reception Manager
Office: (208) 888-0909
Email: mreyes@ogaidaho.com