What advice do you have about the Zika Virus?

What is the advantage of your team-based approach?

What is your favorite OB story?

When should I go to the hospital?

Where do I get to have my baby?

Why did you choose to work in OB?

What home-based remedies are good for morning sickness?

What are the signs I’m going into labor?

Will you deliver my baby?

Why don’t you offer an ultrasound scan on every OB visit?

What is it like to have a C-section?


Gynecology Questions

When should a young woman make her first visit to a GYN?

What is HPV and who should have the vaccination?

Describe the charity work you do in the Dominican Republic.

What types of hysterectomy are there?

What kinds of birth control are there?

What are the signs of perimenopause?

Can pelvic and sexual pain be treated?


Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery

What is cosmetic reconstructive surgery?


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