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Our Medical Mission to Kisumu, Kenya with the TIBA Foundation

By: Dr. Pittard:

In our recent journey to rural Kisumu, Kenya, we had the honor of collaborating with the TIBA Foundation to provide critical medical care at the MaTIBAbu Hospital. Our diverse and dedicated team was composed of two general surgeons, three gynecologists, one pediatrician, one anesthesiologist, one pharmacist, and two student assistants.

Local physicians in Kisumu identified patients in need of surgical care, and we were fortunate to work in the newly constructed FIGS Operating Theater. Over the course of our mission, we operated on at least 42 patients, performing a range of complex surgeries. Among these were nine hysterectomies, two myomectomies, and one oophorectomy for a large ovarian mass. The general surgeon, included Dr. Menen, who helped carry out at least 30 procedures, which included thyroidectomies and numerous hernia surgeries.

Our efforts were greatly supported by several local residents and physicians, along with dedicated surgical scrub teams and pre-op/post-op nursing teams. While the surgeons were busy in the operating theater, the pediatrician, pharmacist, and student assistants traveled through the villages and visited nursing schools to provide assistance and education where needed.

Despite the challenging and resource-limited environment, the outcomes of our efforts were incredibly rewarding. Many of the patients we treated would not have been able to afford the necessary care at regional hospitals. Seeing the gratitude in the eyes of those we helped reinforced the importance of our mission and the impact we had on the community.

Reflecting on our time in Kisumu, we are filled with a deep sense of accomplishment and inspiration. The resilience of the patients and the dedication of the local medical staff were truly remarkable. We are eager to return and continue our partnership with the TIBA Foundation, bringing essential healthcare services to those who need them most.

We look forward to going there again in the future, with hopes of making an even greater impact.