Trusted partners in women’s health

If you are a general practitioner or family practice physician, OGA wants to be your trusted partner in the care of female patients, from teens through post-menopause. As an independent regional practice, OGA helps you refer with confidence knowing that you will retain the common ground we both value – our ability to collaborate on equal terms and preserve local decision-making authority. All in the spirit of helping us care for your valued referral as your practice would – with expert care and highly personal service.

For referrals, please contact us directly at (208) 888-0909.

Before initiating the referral process, ensure the following information available for each woman you are looking to refer:

1. Patient Demographic Information (name, address, contact information).
2. A short description of the reason for the referral.
3. Any associated medical records, reports, image study findings, etc.

Thank you for your trust and your partnership.