What is evidence-based medicine?

OGA practices what is known among experts as evidenced-based medicine. What does this mean to our patients? It means there is less reliance on the opinion or experience of a single practitioner, more confidence in the clinical effectiveness of a specific procedure, and stronger advocacy within the medical field for a particular treatment or protocol. You can be assured you are receiving the best and most appropriate care – not merely popular or highly profitable options.

Our evidence based medicine

Evidence-based medicine is better quality care.

  • Science-based – Evidence-based medicine is based on sound science such as a well-known biological principle or widely accepted medical teachings with firm foundations in basic human anatomy.
  • Research-proven – Evidence-based medicine assures that the results of medical techniques can proven out again and again in focused clinical trials (tests) that are well-documented and reviewed by other experts.
  • Patient-focused – Evidence-based medicine provides practitioners with guidelines, checklists and criteria that help patients and professionals make sound decisions that protect them and predominantly lead to positive outcomes.
  • Note: All healthcare has risks and this information is not intended to imply that evidence-based medicine is without risk. However, OGA does advocate that this practice is inherently better for patients because of the growing body of facts regarding it. For more consumer-level information on evidence-base medicine, refer to Wikipedia.